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We offer a wide range of stations allowing for a multitude of system combinations. All stations provide pneumatic cushioning of the carrier for soft delivery (when required) protecting the payload and personnel.

We also design custom stations for customer requirements. For example we can provide automatic loading systems for industrial processes, carousels for extremely high use areas and super-secure carrier extraction mechanisms for the protection of valueable payloads. We welcome your request for a tailored solution!

Send Ports
The simplest of all stations. A carrier is inserted into the port and is then transported to its destination.  These ports may be mounted horizontally or vertically, under benches, in desks or in many other situations. 
Receive Ports
Receive ports are designed to receive carriers and eject them into a collection box or onto guide rails - very commonly used in laboratories where samples need to be picked quickly from the system.
Secure Boxes and Safes
These receive only stations allow carriers to arrive into a secure box.  Various sizes are available from small to large for unattended and high volume systems. Full steel safes are suitable for collection of high value payloads.

Slide Stations
Simple stations, ranging from budget plastic models to rugged stainless steel versions for harsh environments, that allow for both the sending and receiving of carriers, one carrier at a time. 
EWS Station
This station allows the simultaneous loading of a carrier to send and the reception of a carrier from another station making it very will suited to areas of high two-way traffic. 
OES Station
Similar in function to an EWS but employing a different drive mechanism, this station allows for simultaneous  sending and receiving in tight spaces. 

Multiload Station
This send only station allows the loading of up to three carriers at once and is most suitable for areas of high outgoing traffic.
DS Station
The DS station is a simple "through" station that allows it to be inserted inline with existing tubework. Carriers to be sent are inserted up into a send port while received carriers are pneumatically decelerated and ejected into a receive basket.  
COM Station
Similar to a DS station except that the send port is accessed from above the station and carriers are dropped into it.

KSA Flap Station
With the option of manual or automatic opening and closing this station is very suitable for large and/or heavy payloads.
 HR Station
This two way station incorporates a conveyer mechanism to handle heavy loads and provide a smooth transfer of the carrier. Most often mounted under desks to provide "desk stations."
Premium & Titan Stations
Offering the convenience of front loading for send carriers and soft delivery of received carriers into a receive basket these stations are most popular in heavy traffic areas.
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