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Our range of standard items facilitate straighforward constuction of a great variety of systems. We can work within many constraints and exploit any site opportunities to provide the best system possible. Our R&D department is constantly working on new developments to add utility and benefits to our systems.

Our diverters come in 2, 3 and 4 way versions and have a robust drive mechansim providing years of trouble free operation. 
Air Valves
Air valves, designed primarily for y-branch type systems, provide compact and visually appealing possibilities for send stations. 
Slide Gates
These robust devices are suitable for receiving heavy payloads and dropping them safely to their destination. 

We supply turbines from reputable manufactuers and configure them for use with our systems by coupling them with our air changers or diverters as required.
A wide variety of standard cabinets are available for both general and secure applications. 
These devices connect seperate systems or zones thereby allowing massive pneumatic tube networks.

Printers allow hard copy generation of transit dockets or complete audit trails as required. 
Power Supplies
Our power supplies are perfectly matched to our systems and are available for any supply, worldwide.
Extensive electronics design ability is our local forte. Our intelligent controllers provide a real competitive edge. 

Hardware and Electrical
We provide all the hardware and fixings that are required for our systems. We also provide all the electical fittings, from cable to terminals. We are your one-stop-shop for pneumatic tube systems. 
Pneumatic tube systems require tubework with precise tolerances to ensure a well functioning system. Unlike generic tube (such as storm- water pipe) our tube is manufactured to suit and in a variey of materials.
Bends and Branches
Just like our tube, our wide range of bends and Y-branches are manufactured to tight tolerances as required by reliable pneumatic tube systems.
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