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The Advantage of owning an Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System

Our pneumatic tube systems offer the following advantages:
  • No need for dedicated "errand runners"
  • Skilled staff can remain focused on their core responsibilities rather than handle errands
  • Staff can send multiple payloads as required rather than waiting for a minimum quota
  • Deliveries can be made between rooms or buildings faster than any personal delivery service
  • High value payloads remain secure and out of site during their transit removing much of the need for security personnel
  • What was sent is exactly what will be received as there is no human handling in between sender and receiver
  • Sending and receiving can be limited between particular stations and/or users to increase security

A pneumatic tube system will pay for itself very quickly. Consider the following scenarios:
  • A skilled employee runs 5 errands per day, each taking 6 minutes. (And that is a very conservative figure. It is well known that errands offer and create distractions that can last much longer than 6 minutes). That's 30 minutes per day or 120 hours per year per employee, and at $60/hour that's over $7000 per year per employee. It doesn't take much imagination to see the prompt return on investment on a pneumatic tube system!
  • In a retail environment the pneumatic tub system can be used to transport excess cash from the checkouts to a secure location out of public sight. It can also be used to bring cash - such as change or floats - back to the tellers as required. This removes the need for dedicated security personnel to guard large sums of cash and also ensures that cash is in a safe place as fast as possible thus minimising the desirability of theft. A pneumatic tube system may cost less than a single year of the security services it replaces.
  • For hospitals it is imperitive that samples arrive to pathology safely and in good time. If a pneumatic tube system stops just one mistake in such an application it will have immediately paid for itself many times over!
  • In manufacturing plants it is often critical to have samples of  midstream or final outputs in order to ensure good product. A downed production line is a nasty expense in any manufacturing facility. Or a batch of defective product can be even worse. A pneumatic tube system that is used to deliver samples of product at key stages in production allows the testing authority to have a  bird's eye view of the entire process is real time. We can even design automated filling mechanisms that will deliver itemised samples to the lab. Uniform product is the key to most product successes and our pneumatic tube systems can help greatly to that effect.
We look forward to discussing your needs and presenting you a personal case for why a pneumatic tube system will be a great investment, pay for itself in no time and otherwise facilitate benefits to your business.

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