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Designed and built in Germany, Aerocom's AC3000 system is our premium solution for modern healthcare and hospital environments. The system offers complete flexibility in station design and can accommodate the transfer of sensitive specimens at selective speeds depending on the physical properties of the cargo. The thru-station design allows Aerocom engineers to design a system using a minimum amount of tubing, thereby reducing system cost and simplifying installation.

The system has security in mind with the options of PIN secure transactions, security peripheral access controls such as card readers, proximity indicators, and magnetic swipe cards. Many different models of carriers are available with RFID tags containing memory to store personalised information and data. With the use of RFID, carriers can be programmed to return to a central maintenance facility after a certain amount of uses for regulatory decontamination. The carrier RFID  will also allow automatic return to its origin thereby preventing any kind of cross contamination and insuring that pharmaceuticals are never sent in carriers that have contained blood or tissue samples.

As a multi-zone system the AC3000 can handle simultaneous transits - up to 64 at a time depending on the system architecture - across 512 stations. Comprehensive PC monitoring and control software allows system observation at a glance.

An example of an AC3000 installation in pharmacy.

Single Zone Systems
In a single zone system a carrier can be stored for sending at any station independent of the stage of operation. Once inserted into the station the carrier will always be transported by the most direct route to its destination. After one sending process has been completed the next carrier will start. 

Multi-Zone Systems

A multi-zone system can be divided into various independent working zones. The AC3000 allows up to 64 zones. These zones are interconnected by a transfer system where the carriers are stored in waiting lines until their route is free to enter the next zone. Since each zone has an independent air supply, transmission in all zones can take place simultaneously and this can  increase the performance of the system tremendously. In the configuration example below, up to 5 transmissions can occur simultaneously.

Please contact us for a complete list of specifications and a consultation to see how the AC3000 can best meet your requirements.

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